Thursday, June 17, 2010

43 inches..

43 inches is just tall enough to use your head to boost Mommy's bust line up.

43 inches is just tall enough to reach the faucet on the kitchen sink.

43 inches is juuuuust tall enough to sneak the ice cream from the top shelf.

43 inches is also tall enough to go on the water slides by yourself.

Corinne decided to try out the body slides at the water park yesterday. Up we went, full of smiles.

"I'll wait for you at the bottom!" I assured her. She shivered and nodded and stared at me.

The smile on her face as she splashed into 42 inches of water was priceless. She doggy-paddled her heart out to the stairs and squealed "AGAIN!"

And thus began the next 2 hours of fun at the water park. Up the stairs and down the slide. Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat and rePEAT.

After a trip to the snack stand, she dragged me back to the body slides.

"Ok," I said, "but I'm not getting back in the water. You'll have to go down by yourself."

"Oooookaaaaay..." I could see the wheels turning in her brain; Would this be fun or scary? Should she really do this?

Naturally the answer was YES. Yes, of course she did it. And when she splashed down in the pool, all by herself, and "swam" to the stairs, her face was dripping with water and bursting with pride.


Over and over and over, she slid down that slide. Her swimming isn't that strong, but she IS only 4, after all. So I made sure to always walk beside her on the edge, just in case.

When she shot out of the slide and went under without coming up, I was in that pool in a heartbeat. Less than 2 seconds and I had her on the edge, wide-eyed and coughing.

"You ok, baby? Take some breaths."

The lifeguard (who was only 2 seconds behind me) and I sized her up. She was fine, but a little shaken. Being stuck under the water with such a strong current is scary! I grabbed my towel, figuring we would need to relax a bit when she declared that she was going back up again!

"You sure?" I asked as she ran back to the stairs.


That's my girl. My strong and beautiful 4 year old girl.

43 inches of pure courage.
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