Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The drama!

Oh, the drama! As I was baking my Amish Friendship bread* at 8:30 tonight (because I hate to think of all of that time mushing the bag WASTED simply because I waited an extra day), burning within my own inner world of angst and hormonal pissiness, Corinne walked up beside me and started rubbing her eyes on the towel. After a few minutes, I noticed that she was crying!

"What's wrong, baby?!?"

"It's just not my daaaayyy!!"

"Did something happen?"

"Noooo!!! I'm just saaaaaaaadddd!!"

"Did someone hurt your feelings?"

"NO, Mommy! I don't know WHY I'm sad; I just AM!!!"

(Absolutely pitiful and heart-breaking stuff, here, folks.)

I hefted her 40-odd pounds onto my hip and stroked my gooey hands down her Ariel pajamas. All I could picture was 10 years in the future with REAL hormones and REAL emotional fluctuations... Can't hardly wait for THAT!

I distracted her with the bowls of dough to mix and she helped me crack eggs and measure sugar. All seemed better for a while so she headed back into the family room with the boys to finish watching the dvr'd American Idol (Yes, it was 9 pm and they weren't even close to being in bed. Just one of those days...).

I was beating the crap out of the batter when she shuffled back into the kitchen, her face absolutely devastated and tears wetting her pj shirt.

"Do you think A still likes me?"

Aha! A is her buddy next door. A is 9 years old and very, VERY cool. She's also one of Corinne's best friends. Apparently there was a misunderstanding of some sort in the backyard today. I don't have all the details because, well, I wasn't there. But the pieced-together version from Evan and Corinne makes the misunderstanding out to be not such a big deal, in my mind. Even though A allegedly said something like "I'm not your friend anymore and I don't care if you're crying!" before she went home. I mean, that's just par for the course with kids; they say rough stuff on Tuesday and (generally) forget all about it by Wednesday! Corinne, however, had been stewing about this ALL day and it was overflowing out of her in my kitchen at 9 pm!

"Would you like to make her a card to let her know that you still want to be her friend?" (In Corinne's world, most problems can be solved with an apology letter).

"Yes... Will you help me with the words?"

So we walked away from the d@mn Friendship bread and made a card for A.

Doesn't that just break your heart?

So, today's lesson for Corinne was that no matter how mad you are at somebody, their feelings can get really hurt if you just walk away without resolving the matter. She went to sleep still feeling sad and is anxious to get the letter to her friend before she leaves for school tomorrow.

The drama of little girls really IS different than that of little boys, isn't it?

* You know what? The Amish aren't on my Top 5 right now, because that bread was In.Con.Venient. Mush the bag, mush the bag. Add the flour, mush the bag. On this day, add more stuff and, oh yeah, Mush the bag. Then separate into bags to pass out to "friends" who will be pissed that they now have to mush a bag for 10 more days! You know what I did? I divided it up for MYSELF and made 4 loaves of bread! Screw my friends!**

** Nah, actually, my neighbors will probably receive 2 of the loaves fully BAKED instead of a lumpy bag of goo and work. Also, I HATE chain letters which is all the Amish Friendship bread really is: Just a glorified, modern-day chain letter.
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