Wednesday, August 01, 2007


While reading about the Runaway Bunny going flying away on a trapeze...
Evan - Remember when I went on one of those?
Me - One of what?
Evan - A flying Japanese. You know at that one house...
Me - A flying WHAT? Oh. You mean a trapeze. (much snorting and choking and hysteria follow, picturing my aunt and uncle's basement equipped with, instead of a trapeze, well, a very angry man...)

While falling asleep as I lay with my hand on his chest, watching his breaths become deeper and further apart...
Evan - (suddenly, after a yawn) Mommy, what is that stuff called that you spray in your mouth?
Me - Huh?
Evan - You know, that stuff a boy sprays in his mouth when he's dating a girl...
Me - (again, choking on laughter) Breath spray?? Where did you see THAT?
Evan - Oh, some show. (damn Disney's Drake and Josh...)

This kid is a riot. You know, when he's not antagonizing his sister. I swear, if I hear "Nooooo Evie! Nooooo Evie!!!" One more time from her, I'm gonna snap and, and, and DO something. That's for sure. Something mean. Or, or... yeah. Somethin...

But they sure were cute painting with sidewalk chalk paint (which, FYI does NOT wash off well from blacktop. At all.) and I got lots of pictures that I'm sure I'll post in December, but I'll try to link back to this topic then, kay? Trust me. They were messy piles of cuteness.
It really sucks when your husband is out of town and there's some strange clicking sound in the front hall and you don't want to investigate too closely, cuz it might be a cricket that comes flying out and into your hair... Oh, what to do, what to do....


Hey, quick update on a big recall of Fisher Price/Mattel toys. The sale dates are recent, but check it out to be sure.
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