Friday, May 14, 2010

Let the begging commence!

Well, hot damn. I got nominated for a Best Parenting Blog at Parents' Picks! (Sadly, all of the pictures used in this post were not taken for this post. They were just regular pictures I take of myself and my kids on a regular day. It's a sad, sad situation around here...)

How does that even happen, anyway? No matter to me, really. It just makes me glow a little bit inside, especially when I see the OTHER blogs I am placed beside! That freaking humbles me.

I see that the thing to do when one is on a blog competition thingy is to shout out to you guys and say "Hey! If you love me, show me!" But I'm not quite THAT polite. My personal plea will instead be,

Hey! If you love me or even remotely like me or haven't ever heard of me but found me by clicking on the first link you saw for 'Mommy Blog', could you please do a fellow motherhood soldier a huge favor and vote for me?!? PLEASE?!? I'll beg....I'll show you my fists of iron....
I'll even go so far as to exploit the puppy dog eyes of my children for a few more votes!"Please vote for my Mommy. She needs the validation that winning or even placing somewhere on a list would allow her. Also, she keeps taking pictures of me and has threatened to continue doing so until she wins this... Help. Me."

Go on and vote! My children are depending on you!

You can vote every day, so expect to be pestered for a while... :)
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