Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A picture post is better than no post...

Yet another bout of writer's block and womanly angst is keeping me from posting anything more meaningful than "Hi! Vote for me!" *I guess I could delve into the lovely recesses of my monthly hormone fluctuations by describing just how tickled I feel over the reality that (if the days were lined up, one after the other) I will probably have 2.5** solid years (or more!) of joyful menstruation. NOT including the 2.5 years of funtastic pms. Basically, 5 solid years of womanly bliss...

Honestly, I would rather take my medicine in the big lump sum, than to have to endure the monthly realization that "Oh YEAH.... I'm not the worst mother/wife/daughter/sister/human being in existence. It's just my hormones flying off the handle again. Silly little buggers! WHERE'S the chocolate and wine?!?" Give me 2.5 years of Aunt Flo and then she can permanently vacate the premises.

Whatever. Bleh. Phhhbbbtttt.
Just waiting for the phone call from my mother-in-law, telling me they've safely landed at O'Hare and then we're off to pick up my baby from her house. In the meantime, let's amuse ourselves with photos of my remaining 2 kids and husband from this weekend, shall we?

Awwww... Freaking cutie pies at Brookfield Zoo on Friday. It was beautiful out and we had cash in our pockets from Grandma so the little rugrats not only got pizza and ice cream, but they also got to ride the carousel! We FINALLY got to see the new exhibit! The Great Bear Wilderness features the animals from North America and it is really beautifully done. The Polar Bears were hiding in this shot, but I'm actually IN one, so I had to prove that I existed...He's a big guy, isn't he? I often forget just HOW tall Pat is until I can easily pick him out in a crowd or force him to stand against a gigantic painting of a polar bear and see that he could almost take it down...

A phone call from Justin to Evan:

"Hey Justin! Guess what?!? Guess what video game came out? Hey Justin! Guess what?!? Guess where we are? THE ZOO! Hey Justin? I miss you..."
Mean homeschooling mom made them find animals so that they could get their ice cream. She was writing "polar bear" right there for her animal that began with a "p." Heh heh...The cool thing about this picture is that it looks like she's a cheetah riding a cheetah, but she's actually on a dolphin...Soccer AND a ballet rehearsal and THEN Patrick and I had a spontaneous night out! Saturday was crazy busy.... Also, don't you love the creative photography angle that doesn't allow you to see the disaster that is our van floor?
Her ballet recital went SO WELL! They rocked the house to Sweet Caroline and nobody cried or peed on stage which definitely qualifies as a good show, in my opinion.

And now I sit here, waiting for the flight schedule to say that they landed and for the phone to ring. Any second now....

Oooh! It's down and taxiing to the gate. :) My baby is home!

* Which, btw, Please vote for me!

**I can thank Patrick for figuring that one out for me. I was in too pissy of a mood this morning to multiply and add and all that math crap. Thanks a BUNCH babe. It's great to have that bit of information at my fingertips.
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