Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Real Weekend of Summer!

A slip n slide. Sunscreen. BBQ chicken and dogs on the grill... One more week of school and then absolute freedom for 2.5 months...

I am SO glad summer is here!
After mowing the lawn, even my biggest child went down the slip n slide. It takes him about 1.2 seconds to reach the end...
Military push-ups between math and reading. On their knuckles with their ankles CROSSED. They're pretty good, too. Both of them can keep a straight back and legs.
Working on the bridge. She keeps on putting her hands on her dress or hair and doesn't always get her head off of the ground...
Good old Dick and Jane. The fancy reading programs aren't any better than the traditional easy readers that millions of Americans grew up reading. But can you imagine actually calling your little boy "Dick?" When did that name go so out of fashion?!?

Have you voted today? Is it possible for this underdog to make it into the top 10 of a Nickelodeon site? Only your vote can make it possible!!
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