Friday, March 05, 2010

Things I think of while driving in a van without a radio*

Route 66, stripped clear of the elms
and oaks
and shade.
Ripped up by 100 year old roots.
Their unfailing presence at every hometown parade matters not
when an extra lane means you can get to Wal-Mart 6 minutes earlier.



"Give me that filet 'o fish. Give me that fish! OHH!"

Rinse and repeat. And repeat. You now have the mantra from within my BRAIN. You're welcome.


- People on the internet can be exceedingly wonderful and incredibly gracious. My heart was warmed today by a generous gesture made. I'm still all fuzzy inside because of it...

- My kids may drive me absolutely insane at times, but when I witness the absolute friendship and care that they have for each other, the edges of my aggravation somehow dull. Nothing makes my heart smile wider than the actual joy they get from games they make up or phrases giggled behind hands that make sense only to our family.

- I am so glad I grabbed The Martian Chronicles from the library. I had been meaning to reread that book for years and years and the notion always escaped me once the shelves of books loomed over my head and my eyes and attention had to concentrate on counting 3 bouncing heads. Thank God for the ability to reserve online at 11 pm, when the heads are still upon train pillows and fairy blankets...

- Though I am accustomed to sleeping alone in our queen-sized bed (purchased to accommodate a husband whose 6'4" frame dangles from anything smaller), it still feels off and pathetically lonely when Patrick is absent on the weekend. While he is reliving his youth with friends at a weekend concert, I will be watching Goonies in my slice of that enormous bed. Crammed between our children who will drop popcorn in my quilt, there won't be much space left for the solitude to butt in.

* Sometimes being violated has its silver lining, eh?
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