Thursday, February 11, 2010

I cleaned my office...

To sum up today: I cleaned my office. That phrase, right there, tells me that I am feeling optimistic and ready to plan ahead. I always enjoy the cleaning of the schoolroom/office. I end up feeling rejuvenated and fresh and ready to cram some knowledge into a few craniums (whether they like it or not!). Tomorrow will be an ordinary school day as I plan for the next 2 weeks of Fun and Educational Activities! So, basically, when I clean my office, my kids cringe in anticipation...


We actually have a pretty busy weekend. Tomorrow night will find me surrounded by thousands of men of all ages. There will be much screaming and shouting, drinking and swearing.

Oh, and I'm bringing my entire family. You can come too; we'll be at the MonsterJam truck thingy.(Don't ask me the real name. I'm a novice. About as novice as you can get!) Kids under 12 are $10 and I have a discount code of "MOM" to be used for early purchases so that you can save $5 off adult tickets (not valid on the $50 or $30 price level seats). Enter the code in the PROMOTIONS OR SPECIAL OFFERS LINE. My boys are beyond excited, especially since we're making this into a birthday weekend celebration for Justin (he turns 11 on Monday. I'm not ready to talk about that yet, though...)

They'll have a sleepover and then on Saturday we'll catch the matinee of Percy Jackson!! YESSSS!! THIS part of the weekend really appeals to ME. I loved those books and so did Justin. We can't WAIT to see it!

So I sit here, in my clean office, at my clean desk and scribble down the exciting lessons I can't wait to have my children reject, and I AM GRATEFUL that I am feeling so energetic and positive. Now, can somebody find a way to bottle this up for me? (A way that isn't, you know, ILLEGAL...)
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