Tuesday, February 09, 2010

You asked for it; You got it. *


My apologies to the state of Illinois. I do believe that I am responsible for the snow that is falling and falling and will continue to fall for the rest of the day. I do believe that my little whine to Cara of "Wah wah we only have frozen mud wah wah frozen mud isn't anymore fun than FROZEN MUD wah wah no fair that YOU get all of the snow!". You get the idea. You've all heard me whine often enough that I don't need to elaborate, yes? Yes.

Sadly, for my derriere, I stayed up late last night frosting 50** heart shaped sugar cookies. (With sprinkles). So, when I got a call saying that the Valentine's party for our homeschool club was canceled due to a few flakes (what's 12-18 inches and blowing wind?!? Come on! Buck up!) I inwardly groaned. The thought of all of those pink bits of heaven just taunting me is more than I can handle. Of course, the problem was partly solved when Evan said "We're hungry! Where's breakfast? Can we have a cookie?"

Yes. Yes you can.

* Who can name that line?!? From what funny movie did we hear that line about 45 times in a row?

** To be honest, SOME of those cookies are for our Cub Scout den meeting tonight. Of course, I have a feeling that it will either a: be canceled due to the snow or b: consist of only my kids and another 1 because of the snow so it will end up that my family WILL eat the majority of these damn cookies. I am DEFINITELY making up a plate for the neighbors. Because my own butt shouldn't be the only one to suffer in these cold, cold days of February.

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