Friday, February 12, 2010

Can't get no satisfaction?

Recently, a fairly well-known mommy blogger wrote a heartfelt post about the conflict she felt when encountering at-home parents on her lunch breaks from work. She honestly confessed that she feels torn between wanting so desperately to be with her little ones and yet wanting so desperately to enjoy her fabulous, upscale career. The women who jumped up and raised their fists in unison no doubt feel exactly as she does. And I feel for them, I really do. And because that was THEIR space and THEIR rallying war-cry, I didn't feel it was appropriate to write my comment on her post.


I just want to say, it's ok to say that you like being a stay-at-home mom. It's ok to not jump on the bandwagon and nod your head and say "Hear! Hear, mah sistah!" when another mom talks about how haaaard it is to be at home and how much she misses her "sense of self" that she felt when she was "working." It's OKAY to not agree to being soooo looooonely or soooo unfulfilled or soooo dissatisfied with where your life is at! It's ok to say "You know what? I actually like being home. I actually do feel acknowledged and appreciated (most of the time). Despite the hardships that my job of being a SAHM (who homeschools!) creates, I completely understand that the hardships of being a mom with a job outside of the home are not the lifestyle I wish to live."

Guess what else?

It's ok to say the exact opposite. It's ok to not have to JUSTIFY why you work. It's ok to say that you adore your job and don't fret over your kids when you're at work. It's ok to feel secure about the care they receive from your spouse, relative or other daycare provider. It's ok to acknowledge that you LOVE being a working-out-of-the-home mom.

It's ok to be satisfied with what you have.

I've done the "working mom" thing. Honestly? For me? It sucked. Every damn minute I was working sucked. I loathe the idea of ever having to re-enter the workplace while my kids are still within our home. But I can also understand how you could hate being a SAHM. I get it. However, for me? I am NOT JEALOUS. I might envy your material possessions a bit, but I don't take for granted what I have as an at-home mother. Not one single minute.
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