Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Edge

Well. Lots to say about this weekend. The monster truck rally. The movie. The quality time together. But I am still reeling from the near miss we had with Corinne and the sharp tube she decided to hold in her mouth while jumping off of a chair... The scream and the panic before we decided that a trip to the ER wasn't necessary. The cut in her mouth isn't pretty, but doesn't seem terribly serious. She is on a water, jell-o and popsicle diet until I think it has healed. (Or until I think it hasn't healed and warrants a trip to the doctor, after all...)

The fact that this accident was so close to being "something serious" (as in, half an inch more) is making me extremely on edge. This in addition to the news that an old friend's 3 year old was diagnosed with leukemia this weekend has me feeling a little less than Valentiney today. Grateful for what I have, yes. But still... on edge...
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