Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A trip downtown

After a series of mishaps, we finally made it to the Museum of Science and Industry, yesterday. It was practically empty and a free day (all of January weekdays are FREE! Take advantage of it, folks!) AND I didn't have my daycare baby on Monday or Tuesday so we had had had to go. (Sadly, our attempt at going on Monday fell through due to a car door left open all weekend. Can you say "Dead Battery?")

I adore that museum. Absolutely adore it. My kids respond so well to its layout and exhibits and (unlike the aquarium or Field Museum) about 90% of it doesn't require additional tickets. I absolutely despise museums or attractions that do that to you...

Justin is now much more interested in the periodic table, after seeing it laid out in detail with physical representations. We're considering making our own flip book of pictures of things around the house for as many elements as we can. Could be a fun project!He read Every. Single. Element.
Especially the radioactive ones. Those are the best, obviously.
Who knew there was a rock wall at the Museum of Science and Industry? I sure didn't... The children's play and explore area. Fabulous. All 3 of my kids love it there. Even Justin who spent tons of time making an enormous gear thingy-bob...A baby chick, only hours old, hopping around in front of Evan. It was absolutely adorable to listen to the kids cheering on the chicks that were still in their eggs. Their tiny little egg-teeth would poke up and out of small holes and we watched as the unbroken ones were rocking back and forth. Amazing... This was only moments after Evan successfully cloned a goat's embryo on a hands-on exhibit. The best part is he RETAINED the information and kept describing how it is done. That right there made the entire trip worth the cost of parking.

An entire day out without any arguments, traffic jams, or bad weather! An entire day of honest-to-gosh HANDS-ON learning that we all benefited from! I'm marking this one down as a Good Day and hoping that today continues along the same path!
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