Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sugar and Spice and All that Jazz

Can I just say that I love having a little girl?

I can, can't I? It IS my blog, dammit.

I LOVE having a little girl!

Wanna know what we did today? Want to know what Corinne set up, all by herself? Complete with signs, accessories, chairs, and crowns for "good behavior", she set up a "Makeover spot." Since she's never been to a salon before, I have absolutely no idea where she figured out that there should be bottles of nail polish, tubes of lipstick and hair bows galore for a salon to really soar. She even went one further and added "fancy stuff" like pink towels, princess dresses and beaded necklaces to dangle from the rafters of her princess hut. Check it out...

Concentrating so hard. It's all over my cuticles but she's only 4, you know.

I let her have carte blanche. Whatever she wanted to put on me, she did. And you know what? She actually did a good job! She passed over those tempting blues and purples that always come in the large eyeshadow sets (and never look good on me) and went for my favorite browns and creams. She didn't get lipstick all over my face and even managed to make my nails somewhat presentable. (SOMEwhat...)
She was so excited to wear ALL of the make up, including the fancy lipstick AND mascara. You should have watched her try to wash it off in the tub.... :)
The hairdos, now....
Those are a different story.

But I DID earn that crown she promised because I "behaved so nicely."

I love having a little girl.
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