Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Science is simply Magic, explained.

Why is it that we keep trying to suck the magic out of everything? A beautiful rainbow is no longer a mysterious treasure from the heavens or a sign of something wonderful to come. Now, when our kids exclaim over a rainbow, we feel the need to explain that the colors are actually always in the sky but we can't see them because of the bending light and atmosphere and water molecules and blah blah blah... The mists on the morning ground may seem mysterious and spooky for our children until we are compelled to analyze the reasons why the warm ground and cold air react the way they do when the sun starts to rise. And, by the way kids; the sun isn't actually rising! It's the EARTH that's moving!

Ugh. Everything is explainable. Everything has to have a scientific cause and effect. Nothing can remain beautiful and magical, simply because it IS. The fairies cannot live in the mists. There are no leprechauns at the end of that rainbow. And it is "supposed" to be assumed that as adults, we should obviously have no belief in real magic of any kind. Unless, of course, it's a belief in an organized religion. Then, by all means! Believe in those miracles and magic! But not in the magic of nature or myths. Because THAT? That's just childish.

Well then, I must be a child. I must be, because I believe in possibilities. I believe that it is entirely possible that I may glimpse a fairy in the woods. I have absolutely no doubt that some of those "illusionists" that we try so desperately to "figure out" have true, actual, magical abilities. I don't watch their hands and try to understand. I simply smile in awe and wish that I could have a touch of that power for real.

So, my kids are told this. My kids are told that I rule nothing out. After all, just because we know how a baby is grown and developed in the womb doesn't mean we know why. And really? Do you really want to know? If scientists are able to "figure out" the real causes of the beginnings of life, would it make it any less magical?
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