Monday, December 14, 2009

Ketchup on the weekend

Big yawn into my coffee right now.... I'm waiting for the water meter person to come and adjust our water meter reader thingy in the basement so that we don't get another $400 water bill. Heh. YEAH. That was a fun one to read! Thankfully, (THANKfully) it was re-read when Patrick called (and waited on hold for 25 minutes) and it's actually only $22. So, you know; a little more reasonable. ;)

Would SOMEbody please remind me that it is never ok for me to headbang at a grown-up party where the attendees all consume more alcohol than they are used to and then end up dancing around the living room to 80's and 90's rock? Also? Please remind me that it was never really popular to headbang to Cyndi Lauper, anyway... Oy. The neck! It's KILLING me!

And so I am yawning and groaning and waiting. And I am super excited that next week is Christmas break so the kids will be playing with neighbors and baking cookies and I don't need to make or follow through on a single lesson plan! It's funny that I'm just as excited about break as I was last year when both the boys were still in public school... You would think it'd be different, seeing as how I'm always with all of them anyway, but it's not!

We had a blast this weekend! Friday was spent in Chicago, eating at The Rainforest Cafe and watching The Christmas Carol in 3-D (FYI, it's not for little guys that are scared of loud music or ghosts that, you know, jump off the screen and into your lap. Not that my 7 year old had any problems with it and left the theater with his aunt, or anything...)
I am unaware as to why they all look like they're in pain. They were actually having the time of their lives!
What is with kids and their fascination with bunny ears? I have a sinking suspicion that all of my Christmas pictures are going to have bunny ears this year...
My dinner companion. Patrick's great idea to sit beside the elephants was awesome until we got to listen to them trumpet every 25 minutes. Also, for some unknown reason, MY seat was in a freezing draft that I didn't know was for just my spot until we were leaving! Literally, I was 10 degrees colder than everyone else...
Evan and Corinne were happy to see that the train at Navy Pier is inside for the winter...

I'm sorry, but there's nothing cuter than a little kid in enormous glasses!

Moments before the speakers blasted his eardrums and the screen shot freaky ghosts at him...
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