Monday, December 28, 2009


The kids were all quietly playing downstairs. The heaps of underwear I had scrubbed in the tub was wrung out and waiting in the sink. I had NOTHING calling for my attention so I allowed myself to lie back in the steaming bath water and focus on the swirls of soap, letting my arms bob to the surface... As the corners of my eyes fuzzed over and began that blissful blackening that occurs when I honestly center myself on complete relaxation, my head sank lower and lower, and I concentrated on ignoring the urge to twitch or move a single muscle. It was as my nose reached the water level that I realized that lying on my back in the bathtub may not be the safest place for meditation...

But it's the only place it's quiet and clean enough for me to be STILL! Maybe I should meditate with a snorkel?
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