Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Survived Christmas of 09!

Hope you had at least one reaction as awesome as Evan's reactions were to just about every single present he got this year. Even his socks. Yep. Even his socks... (New Gold Toes from Grandma!)

We're still alive! Despite nature's attempts to keep us down with an ice storm, sudden thaw and now 4 inches of snow (still falling!). Despite my washing machine's sudden demise with a load of Christmas clothes inside which required me to wring out each piece and dry 4 items at a time and then empty the water by hand (14 buckets!).

Much Christmas cheer was spread these past 2 days and I got only slightly twitchy last night when I saw my computer sitting all vacant and cold in the corner. I had intended on writing a fabulously funny and poignant piece about the adorableness of my children but got distracted by the wondrous beauty that is The Internet and then foamed at the mouth a bit while reading this article (start at page 7) but then let my anger out a bit when I read some of the brilliant posts that Crunchy Mama wrote in response.

Many cute things were said by said adorable children. Phrases such as this gem from Corinne when she was frantically searching through the wrapping paper carnage for her new ladybug wristwatch from Grandma:

"Hey! WAIT!!! Where's my Wish Wash?!?"

I know. A.Dor.A.Ble.

Other cuteness was found when Evan stated that he looked "handsome" in his fancy black shirt and Justin claimed that this was his "Best Christmas ever!" as he gripped his new Pokemon Platinum DS game over his head. (Thanks Nana and Papa).

Overall, Christmas of 2009 was just right. I overlooked what I promised I would and only freaked out a tiny bit like, once or twice. With that, I bit you adieu as I pat myself on the back and head off to watch our new Goonies movie with the family.

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