Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Promise

I promise to not go online again until after Christmas (Dec 26, 1 am, I'm here, dudes.)

I promise to not stress over the stuff that doesn't matter (i.e. the throwing of the paper at my parents' house which stresses my parents out so I guess I really will stress about it a little bit because I don't want to upset them...)

I promise to spend more time this week with my family, reading books by the tree and singing carols and drinking egg nog (though I am with them 24/7 so I don't think I can really "be" with them any more but maybe I can be present more) (heh... PRESENT. Heh.)

I promise to stop writing posts that suck so much and to only put things up that I am proud of instead of fluffy, unedited bits of tripe that make me hang my head when I read others' brilliant and beautiful odes to parenthood, Christmas and life in general. (Well, I promise to TRY. It might still be a bit tripe-y at times...)

Hope your Holidays are sweet and peaceful and that you are surrounded by those you love, be they beside you in their earthly bodies or in the snow that falls from heaven to remind you of their love.
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