Sunday, November 01, 2009

You know you've been blogging a long time when you go to put in a title and it's already been used... more than once.

There's nothing quite like a children's party. Especially once your kids have grown to the point that you no longer have to scan every square inch for choking hazards and electrical outlets. When the offspring can disappear into the rooms of a friend's home the moment you arrive and you aren't TERRIBLY concerned that they'll do more damage to themselves than they might to the house? When you can crack open a wine cooler or beer and know that no one's going to look funny at the mommy drinking booze while rocking a baby? Ahhh... It's heavenly. There definitely are a FEW advantages to this whole "older kid" parenting gig.
It's amazing to me that so many little boys with light sabers, ninja swords and Nerf guns can play for more than 8 hours straight without any permanent injuries to themselves or the battlefield filled with glasses of pop and plates of chocolate cake. Thankfully, yesterday's birthday party/Halloween party at our friend's home went off without a hitch. Though every child was amply sugared up (can we say birthday cake AND Halloween candy sloshing around in a belly full of Sprite and Coke?), no one had a melt down that sticks out in my head which means that no one had a melt down at all. Cool how memory works like that, eh?

Hmmmm. I forgot to post this yesterday! Oops. Don't forget I that I have 2 giveaways on my Review blog! Free food and free baby clothes!
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