Friday, October 30, 2009

T Minus 56 days and counting...

How is it that Halloween is like, TOMORROW?

Wow. This month has flown by.

Which means (choking on my stolen Snickers bar) that Christmas is 56 days away.

(inhaled the nougat filling over that...) I need a drink.

Trying to shake off the millions of fears that I have for this winter and focus on today. Trying to focus on Now.

Now, which involves my kids having a sleep-out on the family room floor, watching Pokemon together after another decent day of homeschool. Listening to them hang out. Remembering the hour-long "monster" game they played that had all 3 of them laughing hysterically. Wiping the happy wetness from my cheeks over the love I have for everyone under this roof.

Now, meaning the fairly full pantry and fridge. The rare treat of bacon for breakfast (thank you Papa) which made all of their eyes light up in anticipation.

Now, because everyone I love is healthy and here. We have a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs. This won't be the best holiday season because of gifts received, but hopefully? Hopefully it will be the best holiday season because of the gratitude we can find for the blessings we DO have.

I'll still be stressed. I'll still cry every day over things I cannot control. But my goal is to focus on the things that ARE within my control. My goal is to stay above the depression that never fails to accompany the retreat of the sunshine from our state. My goal is to LIVE my life TODAY instead of desperately attempting to insure that tomorrow will be better...


Hope your Halloween is fun and safe! Hope OURS isn't as rainy as I think it will be!!
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