Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just Another Sunday Fluff Post

For some reason, the temperature outside is 64 or so with complete sunshine and not a single bit of chilly wind. Knowing that the forecast calls for potential snow by Thursday, I literally shoved the kids outside to enjoy this possible last chance at a beautiful day. I always chuckle at the thought that 64 would be considered cool in Florida right now, and a cause for people to close their windows and pull out the long sleeves but in Illinois in November? We have flung open our doors and are wearing t-shirts. We're cruising with the windows down and staring directly into the sun to soak up this treasured bit of vitamin D.
I had the opportunity to drive in my van in absolute silence for an hour yesterday morning. (Thank you, amateur thief!) Is it just me, or does your mind think in conversations, stories, and blog posts? Mine always has, but I never had anywhere to write them down. Now that I have an outlet? Those brilliant, Pullitzer-prize-worthy stories and ideas simply vanish before I can get a pencil or keyboard in my hands. Honestly, we should all pause in silence and mourn the loss of such literary masterpieces...


Moving on!

Seeing as how this post won't win any awards, I am signing off-line for now with hopes of checking in on my lovely list of blogs tonight. Let me know if there are any posts I should check in on, as I actually Marked All As Read last night. Yes. Yes, I did. Peace Out.
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