Monday, November 23, 2009

Can you feel it Mr. Crabs? Can you feel it? *

I can feel it. Can you? That beginning of anticipation for the holidays? The expectation of how fabulous and wonderful it will all be? The children will be joyful and grateful for the lovingly chosen gifts their parents have managed to purchase! Cookies will be baked while they press their noses to the frosty windows, eyes upturned to the sky, wondering at how a reindeer can fly! The weather will be crisp and cool, with lovely clumps of fluffy snowflakes falling on the ground. Not a trace of ice or brutal wind! No, the weather will be more than agreeable as every family gathering includes delicious (yet easily prepared!) meals ending in carols sung around the piano while the fire crackles in the fireplace. There will be no tears over a toy not received! The lack of sleep and high expectations won't backfire into a silly argument over how to discipline a whining child! The smoke alarm shall never break the rhythm of Bing Crosby's solo. No dogs or toddlers will spill milk/pop/water/etc. all over the pergo flooring, causing grandparents or cousins to experience a one-socked death skate into the dessert table.

Nope! None of that.

Of course, if any of the above does take shape this holiday season, I hope that I am able to step back and laugh and remember it all. I hope that the craziness that inevitably accompanies any holiday only adds to our memories. I know that it's actually the wildest aspects of a Thanksgiving or Christmas gathering that are the parts we remember the fondest.

What's the wildest that's ever happened at your family's parties?

* I know that I'm not the only parent to recite this phrase over and over and over again. Right?
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