Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Icky, Yucky, Very Bad Day

Rawr. I am GA.Rum.Py. You may want to just turn your head and look the other way. It ain't pretty right now. My eyebrows? They're all knotted together in a perpetual frown and I am READY for 8 pm. Bring on the nighttime so that we can start a new day tomorrow!

Kids whined when asked to get dressed and (gasp!) brush teeth? Check.

Kids threw tantrums (to the degree of hysterical tears and claims that I don't care about them) over the fun activities (including science experiments, cooking on their own and making musical instruments) that I had planned for the day in lieu of boring paperwork?* Check.

Mom threw a tantrum (to the degree that I said something along the lines of "if you don't like doing FUN ACTIVITES instead of busy work all day long, then maybe you should go back to public school?!?")** that No ONE appreciated the FUN. DAY. I had prepared (damnit)? Check.

Freezing rain continued to fall and make it impossible to send said unruly offspring into the yard to burn off this attitude? Check.

Laundry is piled on my couch. Dishes are towering in my sink. I am in my robe, having never reached the nirvana that is the steaming hot shower with strawberry soaps... The kids are dirty. I am growling (literally) and Today? Today is an icky, yucky, very bad day.

Overall, this day can just fade into oblivion and I'd be happy as a lark. Of course, by documenting the absolutely craptastic day we had, I have now permanently ingrained it into my memories.

Fabulous. Genius skills. I should get paid for this shit.

* They are totally getting extra math work tomorrow. That'll teach 'em, right? I am nothing if not mature.

** I regret this, but it was said, so I can't erase it. When you've been trying to calmly diffuse an unreasonable argument, every person has their limit. Even the most serene person has their glass ceiling to be broken.
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