Monday, October 12, 2009

A Day In the City

We went to watch Corinne's favorite band (besides the Beatles and Tool, and I don't think we'll be taking her to EITHER of those concerts anytime soon) yesterday. Gustafer Yellowgold Rocked. The. House. Schuba's was cram-packed with the under 6 crowd and their designated drivers. Many hip, young city preschoolers sang along with Morgan Taylor as he led one of the cutest kid concerts I've ever been to. My family had already loved the music, but to have him narrate and connect the songs made the character so much fuller and more adorable. I want to send out a huge thank you to them for including me, my daughter and my best friend in such an engaging experience.

Check and see if Gustafer is coming to a city near you! I promise you, we will be going when they come back to Chicago!
This is par for the course lately. Why do all kids go through a silly face stage when being photographed? And how cute are we three? Pretty damn cute, if you ask me.

Listen to the video. Can you tell we have the cd playing in the van ALL THE TIME?

It was such a GORGEOUS day in Chicago, that we headed over to Lincoln Park Zoo. "I love having just da girls, Mommy!" I heard this a lot... And since we managed to find an open and FREE parking spot RIGHT outside the zoo entrance, we had an almost entirely FREE day in Chicago! (We had to buy a Dora ice cream, you know...) It is always refreshing to have only 1 child on a fun outing. We watched the lions roar (twice!), polar bear swim, and monkeys beat the tar out of each other,

"They're brother and sister, right?"

That'd be my guess, baby girl.

Please look at the picture on my sidebar of the missing girl from Aurora, IL...
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