Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oopsy doodle.

Note to self:

When you are engaged in a riveting game of Bejeweled Blitz (my high is 315,000. Oh yes; It IS.) and you hear your husband come around the corner to spy on you and you say "Don't you dare come in here! You know you always f%ck me up!" without looking up to be SURE it's your husband? Might I suggest using your eyes before throwing the F-bomb around?

Because that heavy shuffling that sounds exactly like your husband might just be your ever-growing ten-year-old son, wandering about the house at 11 pm, confused and bewildered into believing that it's 11 am, instead of pm. And then you might just have to wash your mouth out for swearing at your baby boy that way...

Just a thought.
Today was a bit better. Despite the fact that I realized I had forgotten about a den meeting that I had planned (I'm the leader. Oops.) and having to punish Evan for brutalizing his sister. Despite all the little shit, today was a still a bit better... Thanks for your thoughts....
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