Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An enigma*

Bit of a writer's block tonight. Lots in my head but nothing I want to pimp out for the entire world (because I KNOW that the entire world reads my blog. I mean, why wouldn't they?).

Today was a good, normal, decent day. Nothing drastically high or low besides a few moments of all-out bawling in the shower contrasting with absolute peace and happiness as I read "Ramona's World" to the kids before bed... You know. Just another day in my Midwestern, broke-ass, homeschooling life. I'm settling for a leftover beer from Corinne's birthday party (she's such a lush) as the wine didn't make this far. Facebook is calling me with its mind-numbing games and Thrilling! Updates! so I may just mark all as read tonight and cross that off my list of "things to do."

Then again, I may not. A woman of mystery! An enigma! That is I, my friends. (waggly eyebrows)

I have a giveaway running for a $25 gift card to Bonefish Grill restaurant. Check it out.

*Enigma. Doesn't that sound like a dirty word? Or something to visit the dermatologist about?
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