Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Whew! Sorry, but I've been so busy!

I know, I know. I hate that old line, too. But it's true in my case. I'm not just making it up to hold the hundreds (ok, ONE) of daily stalkerish emails I get asking "Where are you? Are you okaaaaay??"

I'm here. I'm ok! Rest your souls, I'm still alive.

Alive and IN LOVE with Wednesday nights!! The drama club geek in me is So! Ecstatic! at the Wednesday night line-up on Fox. First, the next season of So You Think You Can Dance. (I love that this season was up and running before last season's winner had even completed her final winning spin.) Then, before your butt gets a chance to vacate the couch, Glee flickers onto the screen, bringing the singing along with the dancing!! For a lover of all musical films and productions, I am In. Heaven. This show is brilliant! Now I need you all to go set your dvr's to record it and fall in love with it, too, because I am NOT having another favorite show dying off the way that The 4400 and Pushing Daisies did. That Will. NOT. Happen.

I'll wait while you set your tv...

Moving along.

(Dude. I totally know that you didn't set it. Could you please, please, PLEASE go and do this one teensy thing for me?!? COME ON.)


This next section is bad. This is reallllly bad...

Patrick has claimed that Corinne is officially his favorite child; between the fact that she is our only child to love White Castle like Daddy does (gag!) and that this music is (apparently) her favorite band, she has sealed a spot in her father's heart For. Ever.

Is it wrong to let her listen to this if she doesn't understand the lyrics? (I swear, we cough over the obviously inappropriate words...)

Don't google the lyrics if you don't know Tool's songs. Trust me on this. You'll only sully your opinion of me as a mom...


Kinda bummed that we can't attend the Disney on Ice show that is in Chicago this week. I was contacted just a touch too late to arrange the parking fee and person to attend with us. But you all can benefit from this code for a discounted rate. You can get a 4-pack of tickets for only $44 if you log onto and use the code MOM. I sure hope some of you get to go because my family has ALWAYS loved the Disney on Ice shows. Maybe we'll get there the next time they come to town...


My homeschool blog will tell you more about our educational adventures and I have a new item up for a giveaway on my review blog, so please be a dear, and head on over?

Thanks bunches, you're a real sweetie, muwah.

p.s. Isn't that date just neato? 09/09/09... I wonder how many women asked to be induced or to have cesareans today?
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