Saturday, September 05, 2009


The scissors are a fascinating toy to Corinne. She has been snipping fringes and shapes since she was 18 months and her dexterity has always amazed me. (Are you tired of hearing how incredible my daughter is? Because if so, you'd best look away, beeyatch! She's AWE.Some. And I intend to brag on my blog, once again.)

Well, maybe not "brag." Because the fact that she CUT HER HAIR when I was reading a children's novel, er... I mean, Teaching my other kids, isn't really something to boast about.

The fact that her hair now frames her face in a lovely cascade? IS.

So, my quandry is this: If I yelled at her (and made her cry. I am such a meanie) about cutting her hair, but now it really frames her face well and looks beautiful, how do I maintain its shape without letting her know about it?

Edited to add:

MAN you guys are pushy!! Here's a picture. Geesh.

Notice the left side of the picture, her hair looks layered as if it's on purpose?

Told you it was hard to notice! But it's layered, now. And it looks deliberate! Thank God. I have seen some of the self -haircuts 3 year olds have done. Her hair has grown so slowly, that I shudder to think of how long she would have had to live with short spikes on top, had she cut to the scalp!
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