Monday, September 21, 2009

Ending one and beginning another.

Dude. What a long, long looooong, FREAKING LONG week that was.

OVER. It's over and I'm moving on.

I was looking around my house and realizing that I have some serious cleaning to do if I am to make sure my nephew survives his sleepover this weekend. My sister and brother-in-law are having a weekend away and we're taking the kids 2 of the nights. But my nephew is under 2 and my house? Is no longer toddler safe! Crap! Legos everywhere, open staircases, and lots of fun stuff to pull off of shelves. He should have a blast. I may have a coronary...

Good thing he's so damn cute.

Corinne and my niece will entertain themselves (without a single fight! Because they LOVE each other!) while I chase my nephew and hope that the boys just do their work without much instruction. We'll see how this pans out!

Did I mention it was a long week? Yeah. That's putting it mildly. At least the basement didn't flood and no one got sick and I didn't paralyze my arm and the toilet didn't overflow. Maybe we're breaking the curse of bad luck whenever he's out of town??

Crossing my fingers but not holding my breath.
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