Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A list of complaints

I swear, I wasn't leaving that last post up for all eternity just to try and get a higher number of comments. Well, it occurred to me that it was a good post to have up as I was painting*the hallway, and then the bathroom.** I mean, Patrick's out of town for a week. It just wouldn't do for me to not have a major project or two! Unfortunately, the painting is done and I still have 4 more days and nights to make it through without him...

AND my satellite isn't connected upstairs in my room, so I can't watch late night tv.

AND Justin has taken to sleep-walking lately, so every single squeak or groan I hear makes me jump and look for him.

AND Corinne is catching whatever cold Justin had last weekend, which means she was in my bed sneezing big snot rockets all over herself and my bedding from 2 am on...

AND we had a Cub Scout leader meeting last night which made me realize how much work it's going to be to be Evan's Tiger Den leader...

AND Justin and Corinne's extra classes (fencing and ballet) start this week but I haven't gotten a confirmation slip with instructions so I have to get on TOP of that today!

AND The clothing sale is this weekend but I didn't get any extra cash out...

AND I think that I am ALSO catching whatever cold Justin had. So, on top of my cramps and sleeplessness, I am a right jolly person to be around.

Is that enough whining for one morning? My coffee is brewed but not cooled yet and that ALSO ticks me off!!

I hear the boys talking and Evan sounds all scratchy and throaty... GREAT. He's the BEST patient. Can't wait to take care of HIM at 2 am!!


* Photos soon. I'm too grumpy to hook up the camera....

** Kristi, I was laughing when I read your paraphrasing of my blog!! Do I really paint that much???
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