Monday, September 22, 2008

ONLY I could become paralyzed from taking a nap!

Here's something scary:

My left hand? Yeah, it's not working. Seriously, I cannot move my left hand fingers properly. To the point that I am typing this one-handed...

Can you get permament nerve damage from pinching a nerve while sleeping? Because I fell asleep for 10 minutes or so next to Corinne's bed at naptime. I tried to get up, but my right leg and left arm were totally useless. I fell repeatedly (ever lose use of one leg and the opposite arm? You cannot catch yourself!) until my leg recovered. I was able to get my arm moving normally, but my fingers just haven't come back!! 5 HOURS LATER!!

Is there a palsy that can afflict you like this? I have partial use of my fingers, but I cannot lift them higher than a curled position... My thumb and pointer are almost recovered but the other three are limp and useless...

Freakin the hell out over here. OF COURSE Patrick is out of town! Par for the course.

So, though I am reading your blogs, any comments I leave are a labor of love. Know that I am sending comments via telepathy, and hope that my fingers are normal tomorrow...
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