Monday, August 31, 2009

Showing signs of neglect

I've been in a bit of a posting slump lately. I'm sure that having the kids here for school and then having to share the computer and then trying to do any household chores I feel compelled to complete have absolutely nothing to do with said slump.

Then again, it might be the fault of the gorgeous 72 degrees, sunshine and balmy breezes we're experiencing. That darn weather keeps dragging us outside to distractions like parks, the library and the backyard. Today, it made us run up and down dirt bike hills, pretending we were on battle fields until 2 injuries and an urgent potty break interrupted the war.

It's shameful, really, the excuses I am dredging up for the neglect I am inflicting you all with. Better call the BPS* though, because I don't see much rain in the forecast and the kids seem to have a teacher** that has assigned actual work. She's so annoying.

* Blog Protective Services.

** I'm actually LIKING that title...
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