Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting over myself...

That's pretty cute, right? It fits the theme of my homemade blog header. It's to the point and obvious.

Too bad my printer is out of colored ink. Too bad I procrastinated so long that there isn't any time (or money!) to get the ink. Too bad anyone who meets me at BlogHer won't receive that simple but purposeful business card.

Nope. You'll get my basic stats on a colored piece of cardstock. No frills. Hand cut. Totally homemade here. I will TRY to be nonchalant about the crappy calling card I must pass out. I know it really doesn't matter. I mean, it won't matter to ME if YOUR card is homemade! I just want a card to remember your name and address by! So. I will pass them out and hope that next time, I remember to buy colored ink, if I should ever go to BlogHer again. (I sure hope so!)
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