Monday, June 22, 2009

On swim wear...

Here's some basic recommendations on choosing a swimsuit. I pray that some younger readers find this and take it to heart, to save the world from the horrors of an improper suit choice:

1. Wearing a suit with a skirt doesn't mean that we can't see your butt. So when you're standing in front of me (and my view of my swimming kids, thanks) and bend over just a bit? And your suit's underwear part is in a severe wedgie? So it looks like your ass is NAKED? Well, let's just say the skirt isn't helping anymore.

2. Just because you can make the material of a size 3 string bikini cover the parts that need to be legally covered, doesn't mean it FITS YOU. I am all for being happy with our bodies, no matter what their shape. But the attention you're getting as you thrust your size 20, barely covered body in our line of sight? It's not the kind you're hoping for. It's NOT. There are suits that are appropriate for everyone. A string bikini is rarely appropriate, let alone desirable.

3. If you have breasts? Then please wear something to cover them. Women are forced to. I believe men with large boobs should have the same consideration for the rest of us.

It's going to be around 90 and humid today. FINALLY, it feels like summer. Not that I want to endure the stickiness of the heat, but our neighborhood has a pool, and we have only used it about 3 times so far! I have a feeling that I will be less tempted to sit at the computer with its additional heat that radiates from it, and more time lounging by the pool, enjoying the breeze from the lake...

Can't wait to see the suit choices today!
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