Monday, June 29, 2009

Sparklers and luxury

Go America!

Despite our family and nation's economic and social problems, I am proud and grateful to live in the USA. Considering the options around the world, any of us with the ability and luxury to be posting on a blog are exceptionally lucky people, indeed.

And nothing screams "Patriotic Americans" louder than giving your 10 and under offspring flaming fireworks...
Father looks on proudly. Mother stands behind him, trying not to wring her hands. Instead, I document it for the internet to judge me on...

Always in battle and ready to defend.
I'm thinking her "Dorothy" dress isn't flame retardant...

After this past month, I really needed the relaxation that last night and this weekend brought. We attended a FREE neighborhood carnival, which allowed my kids the ability to enjoy the freedom of wandering the fair without actually being in thousands of people. Justin and his buddy got to wander for hours on end, feeling as though they were "on their own" when I could easily spot them at any given moment. I'm sure he'll remember the fair for the feeling of freedom he got. Add to that, an impromptu sleepover and then a spur-of-the-moment fireworks show in our front yard (nothing illegal... I don't think. Mostly sparklers!) and you end up with me feeling pretty relaxed.

I'm trying to adopt the "don't worry about what we can't change" mentality that Patrick has. Without dwelling on our finances too much, let me just say that they are NOT GOOD. As in, well, Bad.

On the brighter side, though? We sold an extra stove that was in our garage for 4 years. Grocery money! And Patrick has someone interested in a random musical apparatus that has been collecting dust in our basement. Gas money! We're now looking into the rest of our extra crap to see what might be worth some dough. Basically, cleaning our closet for cash. Killing two birds and all.

Another relief for my psyche is the abundance of products I've been reviewing. You can benefit too, as I have giveaways for each new item! Please check them out, as I think you'll like them. Stainless steel water bottles and organic snacks, anyone?
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