Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just a tidbit...



400 boys under the age of 12.

Lots of fun! And we get to do it all over again tomorrow! Jealous, aren't you?

On that note, the house is literally caving in from the clutter, dirty camp clothes, and dishes from a week ago (No joke. I was gone from Friday to Sunday, remember?) so this post is just to let you all know the winner of the Girls' Night In giveaway, sponsored by Tropicana.

And the lucky lady is....

Kristi from Interrupted Wanderlust!! Boy, she can use it, too. Have you read about her struggles with the twins and their sleepless nights? I'm thinking it's too bad that the basket doesn't contain a nice bottle of Kaluha or something!

Congrats Kristi! And wish me luck on the removal of all things smelly from my house...
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