Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Value of a friend

Ever hear of The Juice on BlogHer? I hadn't until recently when I was contacted and asked to write about this week's topic and offer a special giveaway that ties into it. Basically, The Juice is a group dedicated to focusing on the "good stuff" of life (the "juicy" things, I believe!) and making time for what's important.

The topic this week? Making time for your friends.

Whooo-boy. That's a hard one! With the pace that life can move at, especially when you have children, friendships tend to fall to the wayside on our list of priorities. All of the suggestions in the world of "get out with your girlfriends!" and "treat yourself to a night out!" don't help when life's responsibilities and situations absolutely contradict them. In my own life, my best friends are few but very special. Aside from Patrick, my 2 sisters are the ones I would turn to first if I HAD the opportunity to go out and have "girl time." Who else would I want to cultivate a relationship with more than the sisters that have been and will be my friends no matter where life takes us? My sisters are the ones I talk to daily on the phone. They are the ones who carry me through the boredom of yet ANOTHER pile of laundry. They are the ones I would drop everything for to help in a heartbeat.

I also consider myself extremely lucky to still be in contact with 2 friends from high school. Though they have moved to states filled with drawls and dry counties (Yes! Those places still exist!!), I still love them dearly. Whenever we do get a chance to talk, it always feels as though no time has passed. While the distance impedes my abilities to physically jump to their aid, I am always available for a lengthy phone conversation or flurry of emails, if ever their need is great.

So, where does that leave me? How can I fit into the category of "someone who makes time for friends?" Well, my friends, we haven't counted in the friendships I have found and grown through this blog. Though I don't know many of you in any form other than the written word and a few snapshots, I am able to devote more of my focused attention here than I can in any physical friendship. My "Internets" fill in the gap left by my dispersed friends and busy sisters. I value everyone who has ever commented a kind word on my blog...

THAT SAID, I surely do hope you have at least 1 good friend (or sister!) close to your home. Someone who CAN physically hug you when you get a bad haircut, or laugh so hard with that you pee your pants (darn these diminished pelvic floor muscles! Cursed childbirth!!).

I hope you can share this giveaway gift from Tropicana of a gift basket full of everything you need for a "girl's night in." The basket includes:

~ Ghost Special Collector's Edition, You've Got Mail, Must Love Dogs, Pretty Woman, The Bodyguard DVDs
~ Candle
~ Snacks
~ Candy
~ T-shirt
~ Other fun goodies (don't you just wonder what those "other fun goodies" are?)

For everyone who enters (or doesn't!) Tropicana is also providing a $1.00 off coupon on their site for their Trop50 (a new orange juice blend with 50% less calories and sugar).

So enter away! I'll pick the winner on Tuesday, June 16.

And thanks to everyone who has become my friend... :)
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