Sunday, May 03, 2009

It's official: Spring is here to stay.

I worried that Corinne would be sad today. That she would be lonely while Patrick and the boys went to a Cub scout bowling party. Instead? My daughter has been outside with her friends, oblivious to the fun she is "missing out on."


Could anything ever be as happy as a little girl on a spring day? She runs with a blue popsicle. Dripping, no doubt, down her "beautiful" purple dress. "You bought this dress just for ME, Mommy?!? I LOVE IT!" (Thank you, clothing sale, for $2 dresses to make my daughter's face light up so brightly.)

Shrieking with neighborhood children, they run from yard to yard, every single foot amongst them stained jade green. The freshly mown grass will not be forgotten until baths tonight!

"Oooh! A spider! A baby spider, Mama! Look!!"

"I see it, baby! I see it." How could I not? They're everywhere. Tiny butts held up high as they shoot their webs to fly away. Far, far away, hopefully...

Her hair has already lightened from the increased sun exposure. Soon it will have brilliant streaks of white-blond layered against her pink cheeks. Soon the daily applications of mud it receives will stand out even more, and I will have to be more diligent about regularly washing her hair...

I love this house. I love our neighborhood. I love that my children have such fun, only yards from the safety of home.
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