Friday, May 01, 2009

Random whines and other pithy details...

Do not compare. Do not compare. You are who you are. And you are definitely good enough!

I'm like a regular life coach to myself, lately. I mean, I know I am doing a decent job. I have taken on a whole new, FULL-TIME job of teaching the kids. I have practically all of the household chores to myself now (and feel excessively guilty for even thinking of asking Patrick to carry something heavy to the basement. I mean, he's only home for a handful of hours each week, working 2 jobs, trying to get us out of debt, and I'm asking him to carry winter coats because they're too heavy for my pitiful self? Pathetic.). I have managed to get the kids to not only stay afloat but to turn one of the first corners in homeschooling which is learning because they're interested. The house isn't falling apart around me (anymore) and I DID clean the hall closet out! No more winter coats! No more snow boots next to sandals! I rock!

But the one thing I have let slip? My efforts on this blog.

It's true. Don't deny it. (Well, ok. Please deny it and pat me on the back a little bit. I sure could use the encouragement...) My posts have been fluffy and pitty-pat as of late. My one release to record my emotions and I am usually so exhausted by the time I sit down that I end up typing mediocre reviews and silly picture posts.


Hang on. I need some ice cream...

I'm back. It's amazing how much better you feel with a bowl of Neopolitan and chopped bananas...

So, the kids and I watch Bridge to Terabithia tonight. I had read the book, yes, yes. I knew what happened at the end. But I somehow hoped that it wasn't quite as horribly heart-wrenching as I remembered from my pre-teen years. Maybe they would save little Leslie from drowning? Maybe his dad would get a job that paid enough for Jess to buy BOY shoes and everyone would live happily ever after?? Please?

Dang it. The girl drowns, he's poor, and Justin and I were bawling on opposite ends of the couch. Corinne was asking "Why'd she die? Why are dey sad? Why are YOU cryin, Mommy?" and Evan was insistent that she could have lived, even after hitting her head, if only she'd just stood up in the river.

Good times.

Man, THAT topic certainly didn't cheer me up much! Sheesh. No wonder I'm all melancholy tonight. I need to pick my movies more carefully.

Good ice cream...
Well I STILL haven't watched Lost yet, so I am off to curl up in my empty bed (after I push the STILL unfolded laundry onto the floor AGAIN) and eat my ice cream by myself. Though I'm sure Corinne will pad into my room in a few hours. She's a good foot warmer...
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