Monday, May 04, 2009

Is it still an 80's flashback if you can't remember the 80's that well to begin with?

I am sitting here at 10 pm listening to a variety of 80's songs, thanks to Mr. Lady's post about her poor hubby's reproductive death. Sadly, my weak, exhausted brain couldn't focus on more than the title of her post, referencing "Don't you want me Baby?" . I simply had to google it and watch it on You Tube. One thing led to another, as a random You Tube search is wont to do, and I found myself listening to Men at Work, (love the kangaroo hops!) and a Cyndi Lauper compilation that just spoke to me. (yes. I have been drinking. It is Sunday night and Patrick is WORKING AGAIN. Tell me you wouldn't be knocking back a wine cooler or two? Eh? I thought not.) Seriously though. She rocked. I love a woman who is able to dress however the hell she wants.


I love 80's music. And their videos are so much more fun than the ones today! Do we even HAVE music videos anymore? Am I that old that I have no idea what is on MTV nowadays?

The funniest part? I was born in 1976. And I didn't get "into" music until I was at least, oh, 12? I can distinctly remember listening to UB40's version of Red, Red, Wine in my bedroom on my brand new "boom box." (the small, cheap version. Remember those? The ones with a cassette player, big clunky buttons, an antenna and a large, circular speaker. I was SO proud!) So all of these 80's songs I didn't really "hear" until I was in high school. In the 90's....

Even better still, is the fact that I am going to hold this post off until MONDAY night because I want to have a day off from posting. Not that I feel obligated. Not by any means. But I wanted my daughter's beautiful leaping picture to be on the front page just a tad longer.

Also, I am feeling a bit melancholy over the loss of Patrick's grandma on his dad's side. She was well up until recently and went downhill quite rapidly. We are both feeling sad that she's gone but sadder still that we didn't get to see her much these past 5 years. She did get to meet all 3 of our children and was extremely active and lively all of her years... Still. There is some guilt in my heart that we didn't make more of an effort. Another reason for the wine cooler? Perhaps...

Hug your family and call a relative you haven't spoken to in a while. Do it today, ok?
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