Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A post that is highly laced with sarcasm. Tread wisely....

Ooh! Ooh! Guess what? Guess WHAT?!?

All 3 of my kids are sick simulaneously!!



I am sick, toooooo!!!!

But the best part? The piece de resistance?!?

It is GOR.GEOUS. outside!!! Like, a beautiful, sunny, rare, 70 degree March day in Illinois! With tiny tulip bulbs, and baby grasses poking their heads through the wet dirt. Where the ground is warming up so the air is filled with that wonderful, earthy smell that makes your insides sing. There will be children riding bikes, swinging and sliding, and naked little arms will be baring their pale skin to the sunshine for the first time since October. The neighbors will be waking up from a long hibernation of solitude in our own homes, and conversations will surely last until the sun goes down tonight, as they all catch up on the months that have passed.

So the fact that we will all be miserable inside, with 2 feverish little ones and the eldest still hacking all day won't rip me apart AT ALL.

Neither will the fact that Patrick's unemployment money isn't coming through properly, so he drove in this morning to try and figure it out! That will be such fun!!! Especially when he comes home, feeling even more down, thanks to having to talk to the helpful and courteous government workers at the Unemployment office. I can hardly wait to hear his delightful description of THAT novelty!!

I hear my BEST patient whining for Moooommmmeeeee upstairs right now. I am SO HAPPY!!

Rumble, grumble, gurgle, roar...
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