Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gathering my minions...

Muwaaaahaaaaahaaaa!!! I have converted one of my offspring to the dark side!! He set up his own blog yesterday and is really excited to use it as a journaling method for homeschooling. I am really excited that he will be learning more about the computer and how to really USE it. He uploaded a picture and typed 2 sentences ve r r r y s l o o o o w l y last night. I found a typing program that he can practice online as a fun way to improve his skills and to encourage this outlet.

It IS a private blog, but if you're interested in commenting, please email me and I'll let you know. FYI, it's a KID blog, so it will be, well, CHILDISH, and also, every stroke on that blog took concentration. Oh, another FYI, if I haven't known you for more than a short period, please don't be offended if I don't accept you to comment for him. He is, after all, only 10 and it's extremely freaky to think of him having international online access. Which is WHY I am allowing it NOW. I want to help him learn about the internet while he's still willing regarding my complete access rule.

We are all staying home AGAIN today, as Evan still had a 102 fever last night. Thankfully, it seems to have broken, but his barking cough is horrible. I can't imagine how empty those classrooms are at school! Everyone is coming down with this cold. It's awful!

I apologize for not commenting much this past week. My computer time is limited and has been completely altered. I am still adjusting to the change in my schedule and still READ you guys. I just do it quickly and on my Bloglines.

I'm off to search for some work stuff that Patrick needs. Have a lovely day!
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