Thursday, March 26, 2009

How do I love thee?

One time, Patrick and I were at the zoo with our kids. It was frigid out, so we headed into the dolphin show and managed to get great seats, despite the arena being absolutely packed. Each show is a bit different, which is nice. You just never know what you're going to see!

At this particular show, the announcer asked for 2 adult volunteers. No WAY was I raising my hand! I had 3 little kids and was wearing a winter coat. The last thing I needed was to get covered in fishy dolphin water!

Thankfully, some other poor couple got chosen. HA! Poor thing, I thought as the guy dragged his woman to the stage...

The instructions were pretty simple: dolphins have great memories and will know things that we could never understand, blah blah blah, something about echo location, yadda yadda.... Ok. FINALLY, they have the couple throw a big, sealed container into the water, stating that the dolphins will know which ones are empty and which have things inside of them, simply by the way the sound bounces off of them. Strangely enough, Flipper* brought back one of the "empty" containers.

"That's odd," said the guy in the wetsuit. "They never make mistakes! Here, my hands are wet. Can you open this to make sure it really is empty?"

(If you're here from the linked site, you know where this is going, right?)

Sure as shit, inside that container that was thrown into a 20 foot deep pool filled with legless mammals, was an expensive engagement ring. The girl gasped. The audience Awwwwwed! The man was on one knee as hundreds of cameras flashed.

I? Was bawling. And then I slapped Patrick's knee. (All I could reach around our 3 offspring) I slapped him realllllly hard. For he will never live down the fact that his proposal to me was nowhere near as romantic as that one was!

If you want to see more lovey dovey crap, look over at The Glamorous Life. And let me know if you post your own romantic gestures for the whole world to coo over. I'll make sure to forward them to Patrick...


*name was changed to protect innocent pinnipeds...
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