Friday, February 13, 2009

The ONE DAY taxes aren't a dirty word...

Is there anything better than getting your tax return, so you can pay a few debts and breathe a bit easier?

I think not.

Especially since you can then justify finding a ten-dollar bill to treat yourself and your daughter to a girl's day at the mall, where you will share soup and salad (and a chocolate chip cookie!) at Panera. She will be so charming and polite that tears will actually well up in your eyes at the beautiful and amazing girl you are raising. Add to that the free gift card for $30 at The Children's Place you received from Michelle so that when you take her into the store, you can actually buy that adorable 2-piece swimsuit for said adorable daughter. She will then jump up and down and hug it, exclaiming in a booming yet strangely, still squeaky voice,

"I didn't KNOWED I was getting a new SVIM suit!! Thank you so much, Mommy!"

Oh how I wish I could just take a suit off the rack and KNOW that I would look adorable in it...

Think kind thoughts for me this weekend as Justin's final day as a 9 year old is tomorrow. I think I have cried a little every day, and many old photo albums have been thumbed through with wistful "Awwww!!"'s and "Oh my God, he was so CUTE!"'s being uttered.

Poor kid's gonna get a complex.
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