Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One of those posts where you THOUGHT you knew where it was going, but it took on a life of its own and you are too lazy to try to find more cohesion..

And so, the freezing rain and dark skies have returned. But not before I got a good dose of what's just around the corner. I can wait a bit longer for that gorgeous weather.

Now if I could just keep the ENTIRE household healthy until Justin's family party on Sunday, I'll be golden. (typed as Corinne hacks up a lung in the family room...)

Speaking of parties, I am now 100% certain that slumber parties/sleepovers are for special occasions. And while the kids all had fun, and nobody went home early (though one boy had the phone in his hand around 3 am. I talked him down from it...) it was exhausting! The absolute best idea I had was to pawn my other kids off somewhere else. Corinne got a sleepover at Nana and Papa's and Evan got his FIRST sleepover at a friend's house (backyard neighbors!), so nobody felt left out.

My boy. Justin.... He's changed so much. I cannot believe the way he let the unplanned situations at the party just roll off his back! Things that would have ruined the party for him just 2 or 3 years ago were no big deal. Very little sleep and friends not wanting to watch the movies you picked? Getting a duplicate present and having your asthma act up? "No problem, Mommy. Let's just have fun!" He was like any average (almost) ten year old boy!

Having dealt with his emotional/anger/attention issues (Executive Functioning) for so many years, I am left wondering when or IF I'll ever be completely comfortable and accepting of the fact that he HAS matured. That all of his brain's lobes are growing at an equal rate. That he is closer to "normal" than "high maintenance." So much of my early years of parenting were spent trying to plan, plan, plan around his needs. Such a huge portion of time devoted to explaining and consoling, apologizing and worrying, crying and yelling... To find myself at the point where I EXPECT him to behave and am not SURPRISED is a daily miracle...

Not going to question a good thing. It's not like we're out of the woods with him yet. There are still issues and scars that he and I work on every evening. Organization, accountability, controlling impulses... These are remarkably better than before, but still needing extra attention.
But I try not to dwell on the negatives when it comes to my eldest. If he can make so many changes in such a short time, I am positive that in the next 2-3 years he can achieve the standards we ALL want for him.
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