Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The dawning of a new decade....

So, he's ten. And I did shed a few tears, but only because he wasn't as thrilled (initially) with the Big Surprise Trip I had planned for him. Wah wah, for me...

(don't you love my hubby's videography skillz? sideways and all... AWEsome.)

That's what happens when you build something up in your head. I pictured him squealing with delight or a look of shock on his face. Instead, he had a strange half-smile like "This is IT? This is the big surprise? What am I really getting?" He did impress me with his reply of, "No, I like it. It's just not what I .... expected."

We had a discussion later on about the cool things that Cave City by Mammoth Cave in Kentucky has to offer. We talked about the water slide at the Jellystone Campground, the Alpine Slide, the Kids only tour where he will crawl through small crevices while I sit outside, drinking coffee and reading a book. We talked about how much fun we will have camping together, not having to do what anyone else wants. To be able to hike when we want. Eat when we want. And DO what we want. He is, NOW, quite thrilled. But the Pokemon card collector's book was much more immediately thrilling...


I am still suffering the aftermath of the party, finding random plastic cups with just enough Coke left inside to further stain my carpeting, left balancing on a rocking horse and bits of shredded cheddar everywhere. (note to self: a taco party may not be the BEST idea when you have 4 children under 4 attending...)

So I am off to clean and straighten and rearrange and REVIEW a new product that you will all have a chance to win in a giveaway, very shortly. So check in later to see what cool stuff you can win!
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