Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh Please let my day get better from here....

Give me the patience to not throttle my middle child.... Only 10 more minutes till school...


I have somehow figured out a way to keep my house clean this week. I'm still not sure if I am happy about this new development... I suppose it's better than the alternative which was an oppressive weight upon my heart every time I ran for sanctuary from the clutter only to find myself enclosed within another filthy room.

The key to the clean(ish) house? No more extended weekends. No more children and husband home for the holidays. Oy... I'm sorry, but my routine flies out the window when the family is home. Laundry and dishes aren't attempted let alone completed. Also, there is no greater way to DIScourage me from working around the house than a family that is sitting down, playing games, watching tv, and just relaxing. It is a thousand times more difficult to get the desire to clean and straighten when there isn't any support.

Thrilling, I'm sure.

Still a bit bitchy today. Tends to happen when I am lacking money to spend on things I HAVE to buy. Things like, oh, FOOD. And laundry detergent. You know, frivolities like those.

Rough month. Nuff said.

On that chipper note, I have to pry Evan away from Indiana Jones and convince him to put on shoes and a coat without yelling.

SHIT. I just did. I totally screamed at him. Still am. He's whining hysterically because he can't SAaaaaaaVVVeeeee the GAaaaammmmeeeee!!! I'm Seeeeerious, Mama!!! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Holy crap. This kid.

Grant me strength.
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