Monday, January 12, 2009

Men really ARE from Mars....

But I had no idea it would be so evident at such a young age!

Approximately 30 minutes ago, after rushing to get everyone buckled into their seats to get them to school on time, I reached down to pull up my own seatbelt to find that the belt was so twisted within the buckle that it was stuck. As in, STUCK stuck. Like, not moving with all of my strength, stuck.

Of course, I began to swear under my breath at Patrick, the last one to drive the van and surely the culprit. There is over a foot of snow outside, we are "on time" meaning we won't be late for school if we left right then, and I can't buckle myself in??? Anyone who knows me knows that the car does NOT move until everyone is secured. And I mean it doesn't move. Not even down the driveway. I was certainly not going to risk my life, my children's MOTHER's life, just to get them to school on time.

Commence the yanking. And twisting, and pulling. Insert biting the belt, kicking the van and a whole bunch of "Damn it!" and "Shit!" (Not proud. But the language goes downhill as the stress builds, you know?)

Justin kept asking exactly what the problem was. And I kept telling him to "Please just DON'T ask! I am stressed and need to concentrate!"

"But Mommy, maybe I can help. Let me come over there..."

"NO! Don't unbuckle yourself! If I can't get it by brute strength, then you won't either. Just stay where you are!"

"But, Mommy I can help..."

"STAY!" I barked.

Finally, after 5 solid minutes of sweating in the cold, the heavens opened and the belt slid free!


As I pulled down the drive, I tensely gave Justin a bit of advice,

"You know, kiddo, when a woman is having difficulties, it doesn't mean she needs help. I didn't ask for help and when you kept insisiting on helping, even after I said I had it under control, it just added to my stress. I am stronger than you and there wasn't enough room for two people to pull on the belt, anyway. Women don't always want you to step in and "fix" the problem, ok?"

"But, Mommy, I wasn't trying to help you in strength. I was trying to help you in SMARTS."
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