Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm sure we've ALL faked it once or twice...

Feel pity for me as I sit in my snow-bound home with a whining 3 year old and her "sick" brother.

HA. Faker.

Evan had a hacking cough and sore throat yesterday and this morning, so I kept him home, prepared to cuddle and coddle with chicken broth and teddy bears. Thankfully, my neighbor drove Justin to school in the freshly fallen 6-12 inches we have outside our home (joy!) so I didn't have to drag all 3 out into the cold.

UNfortunately, Evan and Corinne have been beating each other senseless this morning and I have YET to hear that hacking cough that won him a "Get Out of School Free" card.

So, I am imploring you to feel so much sympathy for me that you come out of hiding and delurk in the comments. Also, my ego would be greatly boosted if you would delurk on my post over at Chicago Moms Blog. It's a feisty one, including descriptions of me throwing various objects and swearing. Pulitzer stuff, for sure...
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