Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Trying to be positive

Karma is a vindictive bitch. If you're not careful, and complain about scraping snow and ice and getting a little bit cold, then you will forget to turn off your headlights and have a dead battery. You will then have to walk the 3 offspring on the very icy sidewalks to school (does no one salt anymore?). This stupid mistake will also occur on the day you were able to get squeezed into your hairdresser's to cover those roots before Christmas. It is also the day you HAD to get to the store to buy scrapbooks and art supplies for Cub Scouts which is TONIGHT. It is ALSO the day you are out of cat litter and had intended on buying a whole bunch so as to never run out again and have to give your cats a pitiful half inch of litter in which to do their business.

Ok. Though my ears are absolutely burning from the cold and my snot is still defrosting, I will look on the bright side... It is impossible to get into a car accident if you are unable to leave the driveway. And I am going to rethink the scrapbooks into temporary folders of which I think I have plenty. There are a ton of miscellaneous scrapbooking materials that I can rummage through to bring and I can think of a different, simpler, Christmas craft from what I have here... Coffee filter snowflakes?

See? Radiantly bright!

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